STUDIO HART is a space for creative children to shine.

Until the recent introduction of STUDIO HART the Georgina Hart Gallery and Studio has only offered adult workshops. However, the first term at STUDIO HART has been a huge success with the children creating beautiful artworks every week. The class has been limited to 8 students which allows the children space to create and the opportunity to collaboratively choose the program for the term. The classes are taught by Jasmine Hart who like Georgina has a passion for art and all things creative. Jasmine is also a primary teacher (graduating September 2017) and fully understands the children and how to allow them to achieve their creative goals.

The term program includes painting, drawing, sculpting and lots of creating. STUDIO HART’S students are encouraged to help design the program on the first class of the term so they can take ownership over their works and love what they are doing in class. 

Each student is also allocated an art kit which includes: 8 tubes of quality paint, 1 set of oil pastels and an art folder to store their art works. Students can take the remainder of the set home at the end of the term. 


Term three dates: Saturday the 22nd of July - Saturday the 9th of September (LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE)

Price: - $220 per student

Classes are open to students between the ages 7 - 12. However this is a guide so feel free to contact Jasmine if you have a particularly creative young one


Dates for September/October school holidays will be posted soon

*Workshops are limited to 12 students

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Jasmine - or 0432 585 511

**Terms  of Enrolment

STUDIO HART is also offering children's birthday parties on a Saturday afternoon. For more information please contact Jasmine at